22 Sep 2015


Serious health problems usually give warning signs/symptoms people don't pay attention to resulting in complications/death! These symptoms are NEVER to be ignored, check on them. There are symptoms if only people knew were signs of serious underlying health issues would have been tackled and a lot of complications avoided.
Most times, some serious health problems start out with signs/symptoms people don't pay attention to, letting slide until the condition gets to a point where it becomes unresponsive to treatments.

If you notice any of the symptoms below, don't ignore them instead get medical help immediately:

1. If you notice blood in urine
Blood in urine should never be ignored! If you notice blood in urine and pain at your side or your back it may be kidney stones or even cancer which needs urgent expert attention.

2. Weakness or numbness in arms, legs, face etc
If you notice numbness in the arm, face, legs or on one side of the body, it could be a sign of stroke.
If you have issues maintaining your balance, difficulty walking, dizziness, blurred vision, intense headache and more, get expert help.

3. Burning sensation during urination
If you notice burning sensation during urination or urinate more often than usual, you may have kidney infection and should see a doctor.

4. Intense chest pain
If you have chest pains accompanied with shortness of breath, chest tightness or heavy breathing and sweating you should see a doctor as this could be a sign of heart attack or heart disease.

5. Wheezing or difficulty breathing
If you notice a whistling sound and difficulty when you breathe it could be from reaction to chemical exposure, an allergy, asthma attack or even lung disease, make sure not to ignore the signs, see a doctor.
By Olamide Olarenwaju

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