23 Aug 2013

REV. FR. EVEREST Y. HYUWA (1979 - 2013), R I P.

BORN: 15 Dec 1979.
FROM: Kurmin Mazuga, Kachia LGA., Kaduna State Nigeria.
ORDAINED:19 July 2008.
He was the  Diocesan Chancellor/Secretary of the Catholic Diocese of Zaria Nigeria before travelling to Rome for further studies in 2011.
He was a final-year student of Licentiate Degree in Philosophy in the Pontifical Urban University Rome, and would have graduated last June, but could not finish his exams due to sickness.
DIED IN ROME: Aug. 22, 2013.

Fr. Eva, may the Angels lead you into paradise. May the martyrs welcome you as you go, and may they lead you to that Holy City Jerusalem, where we shall never grow old. Adieu Bishop’s secretary. Adieu my Dogon Yaro. May your soul rest in peace.