28 Apr 2013


Dr. Cecile Kyenge, first Italian black minister from Congo. 

Cecile Kyenge, a doctor who was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is set to become Italy’s first black minister after being named in premier designate Enrico Letta’s new cabinet. Kyenge, a 48-year-old MP for the Centre-left Democratic Party, will be sworn in as Integration minister on Sunday.
She was elected to Parliament last February on the Democratic Party ticket. For years, Ms. Kyenge has been fighting for rights of immigrants in Italy as one of the officials of the Democratic Party’s Immigration Forum.

Immediately she was elected to Parliament, Ms. Kyenge said she’ll seek to focus Parliament’s attention on the values they have been sharing at the Democratic Party’s Immigration Forum.
The former Provincial Councillor in Modena is a committed fighter for the full political participation of all and citizenship rights. She also strongly believes the Bossi-Fini Immigration Law must be abolished and a new just immigration law approved. She believes that Italy needs to guarantee fundamental rights to all, including immigrants.

Ms. Kyenge has in the past warned that depriving part of the society of their rights would take the entire society backwards, and eventually lead to a society where nobody’s rights are guaranteed.
Explaining the importance of citizenship law reform, Ms. Kyenge said a new law was necessary as a recognition of the change that has already taken place in the country.

There are almost a million minor children of immigrants who represent the future of the country, Ms. Kyenge said. Out of these, more than 570,000 were born in Italy and more than 600,000 go to Italian schools.
She noted that the social security contributions of immigrant workers amount to 8 billion Euros while they pay at the same time taxes amounting to 4 billion Euros.

Ms. Kyenge said new citizens should have the right to fully participate in the society’s affairs and be granted the right to vote in local elections.
Her long experience in fighting for immigrants’ rights will be handy to her in heading the government’s Integration Department.

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