17 Dec 2012


Often times due to ignorance, lack of the requisite education, seeking cheep attention and popularity through radicalism, etc., most private gospel entrepreneurs lose sight of the fact that many people erroneously look up to then in good faith as authorities in what they roll out as the word of God. And by making certain careless statements or drawing some radical and ambiguous conclusions, they intentionally or unintentionally lead their fans  away from God, instead of leading them to Him, which they claim to be doing. 

But a good theological education which is prerequisite for becoming a minister of the gospel should imply the knowledge of the concept of VIRTUE. Simply put, a Virtue is a good habit, which seeks to perfect the human agent, and which cannot be put to a bad use. TEMPERANCE, a.k.a., the righteous habit, is one of the four Cardinal Virtues. It makes one to govern the natural appetite for pleasures of the body in accordance with reason. It is the virtue which moderates concupiscence, the yearning for pleasure and delights which most powerfully attract the human heart. Temperance has as its subordinate virtues, ABSTINENCE, CHASTITY and MODESTY. Abstinence moderates the consumption of food and drink. The measure of this self-restraint is not constant, but varies according to individuals, and for different ends in view. The vices opposed to abstinence are GLUTTONY and DRUNKENNESS. 

God created everything good, to the glory of his name and for the happiness of man. But whether the Bible explicitly or implicitly condemns or approves the consumption of any substance, God has also given man the ability to rationally decipher what is good and evil, as well as the difference between moderation and excess. Thus, any extent of enjoyment or consumption of any substance that temporarily deprives the human agent of the rational ability to choose between good and evil contradicts the virtue of abstinence. And the vices of drunkenness (intoxication) and gluttony which are opposed to the virtue of abstinence are no less sinful.

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