14 Jul 2012


A medical practitioner, Dr. Bunmi Ogundimu, says breast feeding does not make a woman’s breasts to become flat. Ogundimu, who is also the Medical Director, Jon Ken Hospital, Akoka, Lagos, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria. She explained that rather, breast feeding makes the breasts fuller as a result of the fluid sucked by the baby.

Breast feeding does not make a woman’s chest flat. If anything, the breast becomes fuller when a woman is breastfeeding. This is because it is going to contain all the fluid that goes into the baby’s mouth so it will expand,” she said.
According to her, there are many women who have not breast fed all their lives and yet have flat chests. The medical director said that breast would go flats with age when the muscles holding it drop, adding that the medical term for it was ‘entropy’ which means to shrink. I always tell women if you want full breasts even long after you stopped breast feeding make sure you breast feed very well. “Each time a woman is breast feeding, the turgidity of the breast remains,” she said.
Ogundimu further explained that any part of the body that failed to perform its functions would shrink at the end of the day. She added that if the breast was not used for its function in the name of fashion, it would also shrink. The medical director said that any husband interested in the shape of his wife’s breasts should encourage her to breast feed adequately.

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